Bad girl Jacqueline Fernandez playing hockey …

College sin bus .. Fresh no matter what scene you see .. Break is a big issue .. Cupid’s dish dish .. Zinta chita chita zintata .. adi zintata chita chita zintata ..

Pappu under the torment .. Wrong not to taste .. Pappu under the torment .. Wrong if not to taste .. Tell me how the tears are .. Tell me more .. Grandma … Zintata Chita Chita Zintata .. Zintata Chita Chita Zintata ..

Sell ​​tennis .. the whole court is plowing .. bending shot .. hitting the ground .. abbo abbo .. abbo abbo .. abbabbabba .. bbbabbabba .. dusty tennis balls papa ..

O tennis ball papa .. your jumps kantati upa .. O tennis ball papa .. your jumps kantati upa .. it is the guardian of the fig garden .. your knuckles sokula barrel .. zintata jita jita ..

This is the chart buster mass song in `Vikrama ‘. The song was sung by Jassie Gift in the film starring Ravi Teja and Anushka. Provided the lyric of the sorghum.

Now, once again, why did the song go head to head? Here is how bad girl Jacqueline Fernandez played hockey and saw how the winds went .. Tennis there .. Hockey here .. Just a small difference !! This sin did not stop the ball from hitting hard.

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