Malaika Arora is no stranger to exercise discipline

For some, not having a phone is not a pastime. I do not know what to do. For some people the same focus will be on when doing the gym. But fitness freak Malaika Arora is not like that. There is no one who can beat him in exercise discipline. Gym is committed to not violating the Rules during yoga sessions. Following the strict rules, the gym will go off on the phone after it is over. Just like that, I went to the gym in Bandra, Mumbai and got busy talking on the phone.

Talking on the phone and forgetting the world, the guys’ eyes outside the gym are locked. Malaikam is intoxicated in the original tight fit dress. Even though he is approaching the age of 50 .. the same comments are heard that the teenage business in this bhama is spoiling the religions.

Every day Malaika goes to the gym for a workout. Sometimes having to talk on the phone during a yoga break can be frustrating. Speaking about this … on Tuesday morning .. instead of yoga .. Malaika had to choose.

In the photos Malaika is seen wearing gray tights .. white tank top with sneakers. In that hand was a bottle of water. Wearing a mask while walking out of class. On the way she kept talking on the phone until she reached her car. Then went home in the car. Malaika celebrates India’s victory over Australia in the Test series. Malaika said on social media that she was happy to win the series 2-1 today.

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