Naina Ganguly is a hot topic with various photoshoots

Naina Ganguly .. This is a name that needs no introduction. Known to the Telugu audience as RGV Discovery. She had earlier acted in a film called Vangaveeti. History in the MX Player 1 .. 2 .. 3 series sequences starred in flames. It turned out that Nina was the next in line to ignite the scorching heat of the day.

She is currently starring in RGV’s upcoming film ‘Beautiful: An Ode to Rangeela’. The film is set to release soon and has become a hot topic with a variety of photoshoots. A recent photo shared by Naina is circling the internet like a tsunami.

The sale is all honeymooning. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Looking at it, it makes sense that something landed in the ring with a big sketch. Mentally counts in this range but is there any intention of not getting in the way of Tollywood? Still want to explode so hot? Fans are posting comments to this photo. In recent times, Bhama has been sharing a series of photoshoots on Instagram and the youth are going viral.

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