Nidhi Agarwal is working to catch the star hero on social media

Beauty Nidhi Agarwal, who introduced Akkineni as the protagonist, was disappointed that her debut did not yield the right result. After a series of setbacks, the seller was able to get a blockbuster with Ram’s Smart Shankar. Though he wanted to speed up his career in the same vein, the treasure was loose in Tollywood.

This shifted the focus towards the Tamil industry. There Jayam is starring in star movies like Ravi-Shimbu. Everything is fine but how did Nidhi Agarwal use this lock down time? I mean .. spending time with Kaka Star Heroes on social media, posting regularly on Instagram.

Shimbu opposite Ishwaran .. Jayam Ravi is acting in movies opposite `Bhoomi ‘because Thambilu did not give much importance to this land. The treasure atmosphere does not appear in the posters. With this the beauty fell in love with the star hero. Shimbu .. Best wishes to stars like Pawan Kalyan. Vijay showed immense love for the movie `Master`. What an Energy Master .. Commander Vijay hailed as a great entertainer. Looking at the treasure hunt as a whole, it can be understood that the quest to act opposite the top heroes is prevalent. But does that single chance come so easily? That is not to say.

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