The chemistry of Big Boss continues

In the Telugu Bigg Boss Season 3, the chemistry between Punarnavi and Rahul has worked out well. With that came the news that the scripted chemistry was planned for season 4. It is rumored on social media that the organizers have agreed to maintain chemistry with Abhijit and Akhil with Monal. Being in the Monal House definitely got the content right. The clash between Akhil and Abhijit and other episodes brought rating to the show. Although Abhijit was away from Monal in the middle, Akhil continued with her till the end.

Akhil’s chemistry with Monal has been hyped on social media. But after the show was over the two of them all thought they would see whose way. But Monal and Akhil also meet on exceptionally every occasion. Monal is busy with Akhil and Sohail. Akhil made a fuss with Monal on the occasion of the new year. Recently, Monal and Akhil met again. Sohel was with them. The chemistry between Akhil and Monal is still continuing.

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