Yamadonga actress re-enters with Kollywood movie

If she does not appear in the film industry for two, three years, then the heroine is advertised as disappearing from the screen. Such was the situation of a heroine who had no chance 15 years ago .. Now it is noteworthy to give a re-entry! That heroine is none other than .. Mamata Mohandas. Everyone remembers Mamata Mohandas who made her mark as a heroine and a singer in Telugu.

The salesman has acted in several films including the super hit movie ‘Yamadonga’ in Tollywood. Then she sang item songs with her husky voice and ecstatic the boy. After that it gradually disappeared from the industry. Now .. once again making an entry as a heroine. However .. not in Tollywood. In the Tamil industry! Leading choreographer director Prabhu Deva played the heroine and Mamata the heroine. Mamata Mohandas is making a re-entry with ‘Umai Viligal’. Along with this movie .. Kollywood star heroes are also starring in the upcoming movie ‘Enemy’ in Vishal Arya combo. Bhama made her Kollywood debut in 2006 with ‘Sivapadigam’. However .. After that due to lack of opportunities, Tollywood migrated to the Hollywood industry. Again years later it is also starring as a heroine in the Tamil industry. Feels amazing ..!

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